The Milwaukee 2663-22 Impact Wrench Is As Compact As It Is Powerful

If you want an impact wrench that is ready for the easiest or toughest jobs then meet the Milwaukee 2663-22. For jobs big or small, this Milwaukee tool does it all. The Milwaukee 2663-22 comes packed with a state of the art eighteen volt lithium ion battery that kicks this tool ahead of the competition best impact wrench for changing tires . Milwaukee’s own impact mechanism powers out four-hundred and seventy-five foot pounds of torque, enough for the professional or the novice. A four pole motor gives the Milwaukee 2663-22 all the twisting power it needs to impress even the biggest skeptic.

The Milwaukee 2663-22 is not large at all. In fact it’s fifteen-percent more compacted than other impact wrenches of its class. This gives it a great advantage in the area of ergonomics. Your hands, wrists and arms will have an easier time than if you used a bigger slower driver. And all this happens without compromising in any area of speed or performance. It is a pretty sharp looking impact wrench too. They just don’t get any better than the Milwaukee 2663, even in our modern age of tools. The Milwaukee 2663-22 is just an overall powerful machine. And in case it gets to working so hard that it is in danger of an overload, Milwaukee has introduced an overload protection system that will keep the tool from running itself into the ground.

The Milwaukee 2663-22 comes with the impact wrench, two state of the art eighteen-volt lithium ion batteries, and a charger that will get either of these batteries up and running in sixty minutes. All this comes in a sharp looking Milwaukee tool case. Its four pole motor is nothing to sneeze at, and the wrench uses the power well. Milwaukee knows that if you don’t get the performance and power you need out of this tool you’ll put it down. No worry here, since Milwaukee’s impact wrench delivers.

According to the Milwaukee 2663-22 review, this impact wrench is powerful enough for the toughest jobsite; yet it is manageable and easy on the hands and arms. This is a tool made for multiple uses, but it is especially suited to tasks a car mechanic would perform; it is also highly efficient in any kind of job having to do with machines. It will handle putting on or taking off all types of nuts and bolts, and it is efficient enough to work in the construction of buildings.

The Milwaukee 2663-22 impact wrench takes its 450 foot-pound torque action with it wherever you take it in that specially built case. It is a precise and quick wrench to have around the shop. For your convenience the wrench has a multi-speed switch acting as a trigger to aid you in selecting the right speed for whatever job you are presently occupied with. Each type of material you work on requires a different speed, and Milwaukee has developed the Milwaukee 2663-22 to deliver you a torque wrench capable of giving you any speed your heart desires.

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