On the basis that this Federal project is undertaken for the sole purpose of conducting research

Past Accomplishments of Investigator(s) (not counted in page limit) – Begin each investigator’s past accomplishments on a new page.   In one single-spaced page or less for each, provide education and work experience, and describe accomplishments of the investigator(s) of this project over the past 10 years that are significant and pertinent to the proposed research.   Follow this with a list of not more than 20 of their major publications.   These should be formatted as in your Literature Cited.

Issues of Concern Statement (not counted in page limit) – Address these, as appropriate to the plan.   For those issues that are not applicable, list the title and note as “not applicable.”    Where appropriate, identify the necessary reviews and/or permits, and give status and ID number or note that such have been requested.

Animal Care

Endangered Species

National Environmental Policy Act: Research teams should consult their Area Environmental Specialist regarding the potential environmental impact of their research. ARS research projects are typically considered Categorically Excluded under the National Environmental Policy Act regulations.   Project plans could then include the following statement: “On the basis that this Federal project is undertaken for the sole purpose of conducting research, this project is categorically excluded, in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).”

Human Study Procedure: Where appropriate (as, for example, plans in the Human Nutrition National Program) should document their compliance with regulations and policies regarding the use of human subjects.

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